Use Pros And Cons Of Coupon Marketing and Discount Codes To Your Advantage


"Expired, not available, the offer is not available anymore" are you tired of seeing these words and if the coupon codes are worth it? 


We are here to break the myths and figure out whether using mpb camera's promotional discount code or just coupon marketing, in general, will be beneficial for you or not.


Studies show that More than 70% of the consumers will be inclined towards shopping from a newer brand if the service or product provider offers some discount or coupon code, and the number is higher for millennial individuals.


Discounts and promo codes are always a plus for consumers as it helps them save cash to acquire items they want at pocket-friendly prices. Still, several cons from the merchant's perspective can significantly impact the business.


But what are the factors one should take into while deciding on a coupon code strategy?


6 ways to Increase the Traffic on your website with Coupon Marketing


Getting People to stay on your site is an art. The idea is to keep the individuals on the website and make sure they spend a significant amount of time browsing the Store until something clicks to them. As mentioned earlier, the following six ways have proven to be beneficial for the stores.

  1. Give people a discount by signing up to your platform and newsletter while you create data of individuals and potential buyers from the platform
  2. Use the fear of missing out (FOMO) to your advantage as it will create a sense of urgency, and buyers will be prompt to respond.
  3. Percentage and dollars of a particular product seem to have worked in the past, but don't limit yourself to these coupons. Use different strategies to throw in invaluable yet authentic gifts that could be the foundation of new customer relationships. E.g.
  • Giveaway
  • Referral Bonus
  • Cart savings
  • Free shipping
  1. Reward your frequent customers by providing loyalty coupons.
  2. Attractive visuals will do half of the work for you. Make sure to use the correct graphics.


Before we get to the pros and cons, let's look at the examples of a few of the most successful coupon providers and how it has benefitted the consumers of the Relevant fields.

Emirates Airlines Discount Vouchers


There is no doubt in the fame of Emirates, every individual who has done air travel has heard of the airline company. Regardless of its goodwill, the Company still rolls Emirates discount codes and coupons to grab the consumers from the market. At the same time, many other factors go into play when people opt for emirates, due to the significant number of competitors in the market in the airline industry, even after providing unmatchable services and entertainment options to its consumers. The airline, known worldwide for its royal flying experience, gives coupons, discounts, and coupon codes to increase its sales revenue.


MPB Camera Discount Code


An Ecommerce purchase and sell platform, Mpb realized the market gap that exists in the world of cinematography and photography. The unique idea soon gained popularity in the United Kingdom and most of Europe afterward. But Even with a unique vision and working platform, the Company relied on the marketing tactic of MPB camera discount codes, offering its consumers up to 90% off on its products. The Store has since seen a spike in its sales volume and the popularity of the business. Now millions of users utilize the platform to update their photography gear at lower prices.


Rugs USA


Another Well Known company in the home decoration department. Rugs USA has been known for its uncompromising quality standards and its out-of-the-world designs and variation of rugs. However, contrary to its vast popularity among the native of the United States. The Company uses Rugs USA Discount Codes to increase its market share. After weighing out the relevant pros and cons of coupon marketing, the platform put the right strategy in place, which has performed exceptionally well for the widely known rugs store.


Nonetheless, using coupon codes for marketing has its ups and downs. 




Bring in new customers: Human psychology generally repels anything unfamiliar and considers it a sign of danger. On a subconscious level, consumers are pessimistic about trying new products and services. One way to make new customers inclined towards using your brand is by offering them promo codes. 


Mbps camera discount code and coupons access by signing up is a great example that gives incentive to consumers upon providing them details.


More than 35% of couponers purchase products they don't even need, hence turning out to be a great way to increase the market share and get those unsold items bargained for a smaller profit margin.


By providing rewards to existing customers and offering them special discounts, as much as you can afford to lose, building brand loyalty is one way to win customers' hearts over profiting in the long run. Mpb camera discount codes are providing 45% off to its existing customers.




A coupon marketing strategy is costly and includes reducing your profit margins. In some cases, the outcome can be a loss. Considering financial, operational, shipping and administrative costs, coupon marketing is only good when you can afford to lose a few bucks.


It devalues the product. After purchasing the product for a lower price, consumers are less likely to pay the total cost for the same product.


Using generic and easy to guess coupon codes can often lead to customers generating their own ones, Easier way is to use a code generator for each coupon and reduce your chances of being exposed to fraud.


Making sure a coupon code can only be applied once is very essential to coupon marketing. You do not want thousands of users using the same coupon code, and without getting data of potential customers you might actually end up losing money.


While all the information and success stories and weighing the pros and cons mentioned in the post, you will be able to make a more informed decision regarding which strategy to implement as a merchandiser and business person.


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