Shein was launched back in October 2008. The tagline says it all “everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion.” Their working philosophy lies in this tagline. It targets mainly US, Europe, Middle East, and Australia following other Consumer masses of these areas. If you are looking for a great piece of clothing with an amazing quality under astonishing budget, then Shein is your Comfy place! Targeting both teen and young women, it ensures catering trendy styles that never goes out of fashion. Their ultimate mission is to be an economic fashionista and serve every user in the globe with appealing prices and trendy chic dresses. It ships to 220 countries with an excellence of having an in-house production whereas warehouses present globally.



Shein strongly believes in contributing towards the CSR i.e. Corporate Social Responsibility. It is therefore involved in many philanthropic activities to serve and ensure the ethical oriented practices. Shein ensures fair labor practices, contributing in charitable causes and mitigating the environmental impacts. The best part about Shien Social Responsibility is their “Recycling” process. They welcome the unwanted clothes from their customers, refurbish and revamp them; after recycling the clothes are then donated to charitable organizations. This is the best act of kindness and realization of their duty to support the people in need.



Largely known for its dealing in women apparel, men apparel, fashion accessories, shoes, bags and children apparel. Moreover, it also offers a huge category of home items including bedding, storage and organizing, event lamps, party supplies, kitchen & dining, home essentials, cleaning tools, clothing storage and kids home store. Unlike any other store, it offers a unique set of maternity clothing. In shoes, it offers a wide range of boots, flats, sneakers, sandals and wedges- all fashion and home items are exclusively designed to enhance your wardrobe and home. It has an exciting range of breathtaking Jewelry, Beauty products you can rely on and your go to sleepwear.



Every detail and style is Focused here! Providing the best quality is their first priority and promise to their customers. Exclusively designed apparels often need extra attention therefore, experts and a team of specialized workers are assigned the task of hand-sewing, embroidery, cutting and stitching. After being prototyped, it enters the chain of production. After this process it enters the process of professional equipment and advanced handiwork comes into existance. If we talk about quality, then no compromise is done on quality. Before they could be seen on the shelf, quality inspection is being done. Every possible effort on price, size, color and style is done to avoid any future mishaps.



In case you dislike what you ordered, there’s a 100% availability of super easy return. The maximum day count for order return is 45 days. Also for the shipping price of return on the first return will be done by the Shein. Moreover, on the next returns, you are liable to pay for the shipment of return. Placing order and tracking your parcel was never this easy! Right after placing your order, You can check the history and status of your order in the “My Order” section of the website. You can avail bonus points too! That just by informing Shein after receiving your order. Participating in official activities, reviewing their products and by buying and saving you may earn extra bonus points and can utilize them at the time of your order.



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