Keeping The Spirit Alive With Outfits This Thanksgiving


Are you looking forward to the historical day of Thanksgiving or dreading it all together. Many of us have various thanksgiving rituals that we have grown fond of or tired of over our lives. But one thing that stays common during all the events is spending it around our families. 


While this might not be the case for some of us, we are here to bring you into the Thanksgiving spirit, and what better way to do so than by dressing up nicely. 


With every outfit, the essential component is uplifting and makes us look and feel good. Even though dressing up isn't the main event at Thanksgiving, it makes us feel special and somewhat condescending, especially when you are spending it away from your loved ones. 


There are numerous ways to make sure that your outfit is celebratory. Thanksgiving away from your family means that you can wear whatever you like on this particular day, meaning just the right day to pull out your PJs or to roam around the luxurious robe you got for yourself. You can also opt for having a virtual meet with your friends and family in these difficult times and dress up adequate addressing to the event at hand. Here are the five ways you could go for your Thanksgiving outfit this year.


Jeans And Blazers


It is cold in most parts of the world during this time of the year. With everything said, this might be the perfect time to dress formally at the dinner table. It will give you a much more accomplished and successful vibe than just a casual one, and while others might even infer that you have grown into a mature young individual. Even if you have not turned into one (fake it till you make it right).


You can always opt for mom jeans and a cute soft mock neck knitted sweater and throw in a blazer on top of it. However, be careful while opting for this slick yet medium look. If you are not careful with the combinations of colors you pick, you might become the center of conversation for all the wrong reasons. We recommend going for soft colors with the innerwear and topping it off with a bold blazer.


Oversized Jumpers


One way to try everything on the table and avoid the belly pouch you gain post-eating all the deliciousness is to put on a cute sweater dress and pair it up with long boots to give off a fall yet comfortable vibe. The Dress will not only be a cute fit to show up wearing at a family gathering but is a masterpiece at covering up the bloated stomach when it comes to Thanksgiving. Go all you can eat with this outfit and still manage to look your best while doing so. If you are heading out to a socially distant dinner or having the traditionally good ritual at a farm, this Dress should be enough to grab every eye at the place. 


Shirt Dress


If you would like to come off as intimidating yet charming at a family gathering or a farmhouse, this Dress could be your ultimate choice. A shirt dress is a combination of two attires, basically, a mixture of a button-down shirt and a long dress, unlike sweater dresses, which tend to stick to the skin and can come off fairly bulky. Shirt dresses are often made of looser materials making them skinny slim fit while giving the utmost warmth in this weather.




It would be a thanksgiving season if we didn't talk about bringing in the most worn and common outfit among the locals. Anything plaid honestly is just the most typical attire that speaks from miles away and gives the incrimination of the fall season. It is super comfortable and can be paired with anything from a long coat to bomber puffer jackets. With high boots and mom pants, you go for any friend and family gathering you might have. You can always have your choices with skirts, shirts, and plaid dresses.


Checkered Pants


While the outfit might seem very specific, there is plenty to mix and match here regarding crop top and checkered. Not only could you play with the colors here, but you can also always opt for softer tone colors to bring out business women's style with a tucked-in shirt and a long coat. But also align it with a cute crop top and a puffer jacket for a more comfortable yet casual look. Hence not limiting your options here with the choices.


Nonetheless, these outfits will speak volumes at any gathering and will be eye grabbers as you walk. But, Thanksgiving is more about who you are. All the options mentioned above might be power dresses, But the only thing that would appeal to their charm is the inner happiness these dresses and outfits might channel.  


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