Independence Day Ideas You can Possibly Follow


As the Revolutionary War ended, Americans continued to honor Independence, creating and promoting unity.

As we all know, Independence Day is the biggest event of summer. When summer is here, you know that you need to gear yourself up for Independence Day celebrations in the United States. History acknowledges the 4th of July as the Day of the existence of America. On July 4, 1776, the Second Congress, on one accord, admitted the Independence of pronouncement of Independence and stated freedom from Great Britain. In 1787, the constitution was approved. Adding the then-revolutionary idea of government for and by the locals.


Traditionally, many people celebrate this great Day with parades, community picnics, and impressive fireworks, and you are always embraced to be a part of celebrations however you want. There are many ways by which you be a part of this wondrous Day. The most common symbol of independence is the American Flag, and a the The Star-Spangled Banner, the amazing national anthem of the U.S.




WASHINGTON DC - You can visit the capital to become a part of national day celebrations. On the 4th of July, every year, approximately at 11:45 am, Washington DC observes a fantastic and massive parade that anyone can be a part of. You can boost your patriotic self, thereby attending military demonstrations, bands playing patriotic music, floats, and more. You can also make yourself a part of a free concert, A Capitol Fourth, held at Capitol fields followed by impressive fireworks in the evening. 

You can plan to visit the major landmarks with your families, such as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and Smithsonian or the National Gallery. 


BOSTON - Not only Washington DC, but Boston also observe huge independence day celebrations, being one the oldest cities of the nation. The Boston Pops Orchestra pays the tribute by playing patriotic songs for the locals and gear up their patriotism. You can enjoy the fireworks in Boston too. While you are in Boston, you can pay a visit to historical landmarks situated in Boston, just like the fantastic Old South Meeting House and the Paul Revere House.


PHILADELPHIA - here, you can take a tour to Liberty Bell or Independence Hall, where you can relive the historical scenes acted out there. Not only this, you can listen to the piece of Declaration of Independence being read out there.


NEW YORK CITY - want to enjoy an epic fireworks display? New York is the right place to choose. Macy's 4th of July fireworks, the largest and mind-blowing firework display in the nation, is held in New York every year, followed by the performances of guest stars.


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