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Anxiety and stress are the top leading contenders when we are looking to make travel plans. Whether it is for leisure purposes or a business trip, choosing the right airline will determine your mood at the time of departure, the whole tenure of the flight, and as the plane lands. It also includes the task of making accommodations plans, booking a cab for your intercity travel once you land, and so much more. We will get to this bit later. For now, let's take measures on what to look for while choosing an airline. With over 1000s of airlines globally, the choice has only become harder with each airline offering various services and features.


If you are in for a long haul and are traveling overseas, spending a few extra bucks for your comfort is going to be well worth it.

When choosing the airline, I always find myself inclining towards emirates, but the question of why remains intact. In a world where online reviews make ninety percent of our decisions, emirates are un-compatible when it comes to traveling.


Value For Money


One of the most detrimental factors while selecting the airline is airfare. Some might offer you cheaper rates, but is it worth giving up the legroom and delicious meals? That's a question you need to ask yourself. But Emirates rates 4.5/5 in wifi service, food quality, seat comfort, and ambiance. 


With emirates, you also get to choose from 4000 entertainment channels from around the world. So can goodbye to boredom on those long flight hours. In addition to this, you also get 2 hours of free messages on Facebook and WhatsApp. 


Delicious Meals


Flight meals might seem like a smaller factor while deciding on the airline, but it surely helps you form an opinion and is a peculiar part of the experience. Many people report eating blunt stuffing as food while being on the airline. But as a regular traveler of emirates, I can vouch for the quality of food. Especially chicken tikka served with mint yogurt, which will leave a mark on your taste buds. However, in case you are not lucky enough, and tikka is not included in the itinerary, there is no need to be disappointed as there is still a wide variety of delicious 

Cleanliness And Comfort


For an intimate flying experience, we need to ensure the seats we would be resting on are completely wiped and sanitized. The food brought to us is not old and rotten, and most of all, the restrooms are in usable condition. I have traveled on multiple airlines, but none come close to cleanliness when it comes to the sanitary requirements of emirates.


We also need the staff to be communicative and efficient in their tasks so as not to pose any delays and add to existent stress. The emirates staff is friendly and takes good care of their attendees.

Lowest Booking Cost


Emirates understands that planning travel trips is an uncertain decision, while many of us would like to grasp on the best available option while still having room to plan a new one or, in case of change of mind leaving the deposit. (as per the disclosure). Due to Emirates' flexible booking policies, you can accommodate yourself according to your convenience and book a seat as low as 100$ for most of the holiday packages.

You Do Not Have To Hire A Travel Consultant


To save you the stress and anxiousness of planning. Every time you choose Emirates you get your very own travel consultant who does all the strenuous work for you while leaving out the fun part for yourself. These trusted advisors will provide you with everything, from the must-know points of your destination to local tips for the place you have decided upon. It has a 9.2 out of 10 on their overall- performance on the trust pilot.


There is more to emirates, but you get to choose from these three packages while jotting down options to travel. 

  • Economy Class: 30kg baggage allowance, more than 4000 on-demand entertainment channels, service from dedicated world-class cabin crew, Multi-course gourmet, and two hours of free text messages is all you get with all the things mentioned above.
  • Business Class: With this, you get a 50-mile radius chauffeur service, lie-flat seats, priority check-ins and baggage, and an experience to socialize during the flight hours at the onboard lounge. You also get access to dedicated emirates lounges at over 40 destinations.
  • First-class: It reeks of luxuriousness in first class with the epitome of comfort, and lying in beds with sliding doors, you will have the privacy you want even on a flight. A personal set minibar to reach out for a drink at any time. An on-demand dine-in service with the most exquisite collection of wines. Access to an exclusive spa and shower on board with all the privileges of business class as well.


On top of everything already discussed with emirates, you get unrivaled competitive prices due to their lasting connections with the hotels at travel destinations. On average, they help their users save 1220 $ USD on a trip. Click here to book your ticket now.


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