Best Valentines Day Surprise Ideas


With cupid day just around the corner, everyone is hustling to make their significant one's day special. This day is all about making the grandest of gestures. However, it doesn't necessarily imply that the action must involve a pricey deed. It is thoughtfulness.

The most important aspect of Valentine's day is the time two loved ones spend together. It is bigger than any gift or surprise one might comprehend. Hence, the idea behind any gift should symbolize the time and memories both have made. It should never be about yourself or your significant other only; Valentine's day is the time when you celebrate your whole love triangle.

Whatever the case may be, this Valentine's day should be included in your fondest of memories regarding this year. Allow us to be your wingman as we take you to a walkthrough for a list of ideas you could try to make this day special:

Playing A Game


A wholesome idea to make this day a little more exciting; if both of you craved for a fun-packed together throughout your busy schedule, this is a promising option. Bring about your favorite board game or visit an amusement park if you both consider activity on the outdoors. 

On this magical day, gift shops also house the most exciting couples-themed board games. This helps to dedicate the whole day just to the lovely couple. Some indoor games you can try today are a monopoly, cards, scrabble carrom, or even treasure hunt. You can have a beautiful date at the bowling alley or the paintball arena if you prefer doing something outside. 

Remember, this day is all about having fun and being happy; make sure not to get too competitive.

Making A Special Playlist


Almost everyone connected to the digital world has their favorite playlist. However, a playlist for couples is a separate thing. Your relationship tenure would include memories being connected towards certain soundtracks. Otherwise, you may share a common artist with your significant other as your personal favorite. Making a playlist that sparks great memories with your significant other is a beautiful way to go down memory lane together.

In addition, you may also run this playlist in your surround sound and have a little dance after being done with a beautiful evening dinner. 

Going Hiking Or Skiing


Hiking or traveling for a scenic experience is a wonderful feast for the eyes. If you're living around a mountainous region, there is no better way to spend Valentine's day than hiking or visiting a skiing resort.

You can tag some places as special spots dedicated for both of you and visit there on Valentine's day. However, if you're not living around a mountainous region, you can contact your local travel agent to arrange a trip dedicated to this day. Around this time, many travel agents offer special discounts, so it's a perfect opportunity for couples to make memories. 


This day is made for those who enjoy the moment. You can give your day a perfect goodbye by ending it with a long stargazing session with your loved one. You don't need a telescope for fishing out stars in your skies. Just visit someplace quiet and empty, your backyard or an open landscape, and lay down outside with a warm blanket. You can also download a stargazing app to pinpoint the constellations on a starry night.

Touring The City


You can be a tourist in your own city. Every city comprises a famous landmark or a story that catches a huge audience. This Valentine's Day, you two can plan to roam around the city visiting famous landmarks, aesthetic food streets, amusement parks, scenic spots, or your own memorable spots that have stored treasured memories of your relationship.

If you cannot decide the places you want to visit, make a pre-planned bucket list before you embark on your special journey. 

Craft Something i.e., Building A Scrapbook Of Your Relationship


There are multiple ideas for DIY crafts you can try making today. These crafts can be specially dedicated for this Valentine's Day. After assembling them, you can hang these projects on the wall or position them at a place where it's noticeable. 

One of the best examples of a DIY craft for this day is a scrapbook. You and our significant other can participate in making a scrapbook highlighting your relationship journey. You can collect all the remnants from your memories. These could be saved inside photos, videos, or a polaroid. In addition, you can collect certain objects that are connected to special moments or memories that you have had since you two have been together. Each of these parchments could be gathered for constructing a beautiful scrapbook from which couples could dive into treasured moments together.  


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