Benefits And Uses Of Stock Photos



Why Is There A Need For Stock Photos?


As per the research conducted by scientists at MIT, it takes 15 seconds to process the image. It is the easiest way to come up with compelling content and quality aesthetics while maintaining the readers' interest. One of the main reasons is that the human brain processes images 60000 times faster than text. And over 80% of the images transmitted to our minds are visual, which is why we have seen a sudden increase in demand for graphic designers and in-house photographers in recent years. 


However, outsourcing your photography and visual needs or even hiring an in-house resource to produce fresh, high-quality images can be expensive. But the new updated platforms like Shutterstock provide a compelling solution that is a winning solution for both the parties (user and the content producer) by providing stock photos. 


Many of you might be familiar with the terminology and have come across different walks of life, but what is precisely a stock photo? In today's article, we will be answering some of the frequently asked questions while bringing to light the uses and needs of stock photos in today's digital era.



What are stock photos?


Any imagery whose rights can be acquired by a third party for creative use. It can be videos, pictures, 3d art of beautiful scenery, people, daily items, aesthetics, food items, and beverages. There is a never listing of imagery you can find with stock photos. Stock photo platforms such as Shutterstock aim to provide access to hundreds of thousands of stock images at minimal prices, so content marketing can be taken to new heights. 


These stock photos can be used for commercial and personal purposes. All the users of shutter stock have to pay up reasonable legal fees to acquire the right to the imagery. The fee is used to keep the platform up and running while paying a significant share to the artist who brought these pictures to light.


Why should one use Stock Images?


The benefits of shutter stock images are not limited as they can be a vast resource, especially for businesses on a budget. Stock images provide the growing brand a pool of imagery that they will not be able to find either by Using an in-house or an outsourcing resource. There are other practical benefits to using Shutterstock images which we have listed below.


Protection from Licensing issues: It is certainly tempting to see pictures all around the internet and use the ones to your liking. But using copied images from other platforms can land you in severe difficulties for copyright infringement. Shutter stock images help you avoid legal troubles. You can also find free stock images on the forum. However, we would recommend 


A Real-Time Saver: organizing and scheduling photoshoots is a tedious task. You have to get the photo props and deal with models and photographers, which can be rather expensive on the pockets. The shutter stock contains a massive pool of pictures, and downloading high-quality images, videos, and 3 d art does not take hours and weeks of work but is just a matter of good internet and a couple of seconds.


Enhancing Brand Image: Graphic designers need the new stock to work with similar content marketers rely on images to tell the story. You can find pictures related to each walk of life catering to your individual needs, whether it is a high-quality image of your city or just a mock-up for an advertisement. The shutter stock images will definitely take your social media posts up a notch.


Increased Engagement: every day, hundreds of images end up on the internet. Especially on social media sites. What are you doing to stand out from the crowd? Research shows that content with images is far more likely to be engaged with than just the text. You are utilizing good photos that tell the same story as your content easily and conveniently to build your brand credibility and stand out as a brand. 


Why You Should Use shutter stock?


Photos and stock images have played a significant role in the marketing industry and content creation. With the ever-increasing brands' reliance on digital marketing, the demand for stock photos has significantly increased. This means there is a chance of using the same image twice. However, Shutterstock can never be the case, with Shutterstock as more than 55000 images are added to the shutter stock market every day. Apart from the reasons mentioned above are some reasons why we love shutter stock.


With over 80000 content producers on board, Shutterstock provides opportunities to beginners and newcomers by licensing their content.


They have a collection of over 70 million images and 3 million videos, with the right keywords and integration of graphic designer can be put to use in more than one way.


For busy marketers (content managers, Advertisers and social media posters) Shutterstock has recently launched a new feature that lets users edit images online and save some time on their execution of marketing strategies.


There is a price for the image you use on the platform. And I know some of you might be thinking that there are multiple free stock photo platforms out in the market. Why not just use them? However, the free platform firstly does not have such a massive collection of stock photos, and a lot of people are using those images to promote their products as well. If you are looking to stand out in these digital times, I would recommend spending a few bucks to make your content unique and appealing. Keywords work better on paid platforms; You can find multiple images which are well suited to your needs. The time and hassle you save make up for the paid money in the long run. The pricing at shutter stock differs to your needs, so pick up a plan as per your liking and market your way through the crowd.


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