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A good meal after a tiring day is all that we need. A meal that not only completes your craving but also gives your body all the ingredients that it needs to perform better the next day. And that too without any hassle. Sounds great? Is it even possible? Yes, it is, with Martha Stewart and Marley Spoon.  




Martha Stewart and Marley Spoon bring delicious meals for you at your doorsteps. And lead the way to flavourful recipes and quirky cooking techniques to your kitchen. They have an extensive range of menu and food plans. You can pick any of these of your choice. Choose a meal kit plan that suits you best with your weekly schedules, and then choose recipes for your taste. If you do not want to sit and wait for your meal every day, don’t worry. You can schedule your deliveries by just picking a date. And what if your plans got to change. No worries. They have special insulated boxes, which will keep your meal refrigerated. You can enjoy life at the end of the day with their meal kit delivery services.




Their passionate and talented team comes with a wealth of knowledge and overwhelming experience.

Olivia Andrews is the Culinary Creative Director, a cookbook author of 3 books, and more than 15 years of experience. She has been part of many famous shows of Australia, including Master Chef and Destination Flavour. She proudly runs their Culinary team with Evan Murphy with experience working with the Royal Australian Navy. Brigit is their incredibly talented nutritionist who brings passion to the team. Katy Holder is their leading Culinary Content Manager, has written more than eight cookbooks, including Marie Claire. Claire Dickson smith is the Food Stylist, the mind behind their overwhelming images. Well, you are in well-experienced hands.




They have more than 25 delicious recipes from 5 different categories for you so that you never get bored and get awesomely tasty meal delivery kits every time you choose Marley Spoon to serve you. They amazingly unique cuisines that we don’t get a chance to see usually, like broken noodle paella, mini skillet meatloaf, Vietnamese fish soup, broiled salmon noodle salad. We think the names are also enough to give a spark to your cravings.


Health & Diet - You do not have to worry if you are on a diet and want to keep control of your food. They have recipes that are not only delicious but also enriched with healthy nutrition.

Meat & Fish - Are you a meat lover? They will make sure that you fall in love with beef again with their Sriracha Butter Steak and Skillet Chicken Fajitas.

Vegetarian & Vegan - Love veggies? Try their gratifying vegetable recipes, which will revive your love for vegetables.

Under 30 Minutes - If you are super hungry and do not want to wait for your food. You can also get their home delivery meal kits in just 30 minutes at your door.

Family & Friends - They have meals for everyone: spicy food or a bland one for kids. You can get here everything you want, without compromising your health.



Easy-peasy recipes – they have excellent and delightful recipes for you, which you can try with no effort and in no time. Easy ingredients, precise instructions, and instructive photos make your cooking chef-worthy. Their cook at home meal kits gets ready in no time. 


Quality Ingredients


They not only save your time to cook but also time to search for quality ingredients. While they take care of your taste, they take care of your health also. They aim to work with the best of suppliers. All of their ingredients are carefully picked and are frequently tested by the professionals to make sure that it matches all sorts of health standards made under the supervision of expert producers. Each of their suppliers is given the seal of approval by Martha Stewart and Marley Spoon. They have a food safety team that carefully tests all the ingredients they use. You can meet their suppliers on their websites for your satisfaction. All of their ingredients are harvested naturally, only in the season, to support the economy and encourage sustainability. Summarily, they provide you with high quality and low cost.


How To Choose A Perfect Meal Plan?


Their easy user interface is also a plus point. Their app and webpage are very thoroughly designed. You can choose your favorite meal plans. Their few ingredient recipes are categorized in different labels like low carbs, under 30 minutes, dairy-free to help you decide your plan more efficiently. You will not have to compromise on your diet if you want to have something tasty yet healthy. And of course, you can change your plan whenever you want or as per your mood. All of the options are with mouth-watering images, which will make you want it more. You have to click on the image, and you get your easy meal recipes. But wait. That is not it. Each meal has a beautiful recipe card with everything you will need, full instructions with images, all the information you need to acknowledge about your ingredients, and estimated cooking time. 


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