5 Ways To Decorate With Rugs


Just like shoes are the most integral part of an outfit and can even outshine the outfit at times. The same is the case with rugs. They can light up the vibe and theme of the room instantly.


If your room looks dull and boring, adding a rug into it is like the final touch by salt bae on his finest steaks, making the room exciting. 


These themselves are some of the good reasons for bringing rugs into your homes and houses. 


But deciding on a particular rug is not an easy task. They are either in complete harmony with the furniture and color of the room or just plain absurd. For sure, they are a sight for sore eyes if done right.


Nonetheless, rugs are less of a commitment than getting a fully carpeted room and are easily replaceable when you are looking to re-decorate.


You would want to check out the buying guide before settling on a particular as it can still be pricy to get a premium quality rug.


Living Room


The carpeted area in this region of the room is supposed to be big; you should be looking for something big in size. There should be at least 4x8 rooms of bare floor on each side of the rug for it to stand. Need I remind you that the rug in your living room will be acting as the anchor for the furniture in the room. You would want to make sure it goes well with the color theme of the furniture. The ends of your furniture in the room should rest on the rug. However, in case you have gone for a smaller rug, it's always ok just to set the front end of your furniture on the rug while other arms are on the bare floor.


Dining Room


An Unconventional debate has always taken place when it comes to choosing rugs for the dining area or room. And the debate sounds reasonable, considering it's the landmark of spills and crumbs. But I believe that rugs can absolutely come out on top of this debate with the right material, size, shape, and a little care. They will look great, absorb the sound, and most act as a layer of protection for your floor against the screeching of the arms of chairs. Pick out something made of wool and grain or even an outdoor rug that will be soft on the feet and relatively easier to clean.


Kitchen Room


People usually think twice before getting a rug for their kitchen. Apparently, it is the place of cooking, and what benefit can it bring to the space. I believe that the rugs of made grainy soft material or the hallway rugs look great in the kitchen if purchased in contrast with the cabinets and appliances of the kitchen. It will bring color and theme to the kitchen while certainly spicing the over the outlook. To give you an idea, we have used a grain runner rug in the picture that goes perfectly well with white cabinets and a black stove.


Bedroom Rugs


Bare floors in cold mornings sting and are certainly not the best way to begin your day. Something warm and mushy underneath your feet that conveys the warmth and light up the room is the smartest choice one can make. Rugs in the bedroom will cater to your furniture, light up the ambiance, and add warmth to the room. They will reduce the noise of the bedroom. 


Make sure to get an area rug that is proportional to your bed. Only 3/4th of your bed and part of the sofa or chair is supposed to fall on the rug. 


Hallway Rugs


Rugs act as the focal center of the human subconscious. They are a great way to reduce the walking noise and create a sense of direction. With patterned colors and natural fibers, jute is the best material when it comes to narrowing down your options for hallway rugs. You still have to leave the room for the bare floor on each side for the runner rug to stand out. For a lighter set of walls, opt for darker rugs and vice versa for the other.


There are multiple other ways to add something other than rugs to compliment the beauty of the very thing itself. Rugs can be used to decorate walls and various other ornaments. 


While placing rugs in the dining room and kitchen or any other area, you would want to opt for something that is spill-resistant to save yourself the effort of cleaning and avoid. 


The best store I have come across when it comes to variety, styles, and the overall fabric of the rugs is Rugs USA. With impeccable knitting and a tremendous variety of designs, you will always have something to choose from and a store that can be relied upon for quality work.



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